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  • Elizabeth Cochran

Why solo travel

Meet Liz Meet Liz a nomadic, part time freelancer, full time traveler and explorer, with a heart for learning. She travels the world, but at this time is located in South East Asia. Her first solo travel experience was in Morocco, where she studied in the university for half a year in Meknes. While in Morocco, she immersed herself in the culture while learning French, Arabic, women's studies, and doing an internship at a community centre. Once, the first solo trip happened for her, her love for travel only grew more.

Since then, she has took many solo trips all over the globe, her favorite country for solo travelers is Thailand. Liz travels with a backpack and is an advocate for budget and minimalist traveling. This supports her nomadic approach to life and enables her to live freely on her terms. While having a more nomadic life, she likes to do "slow travel". This means she will stay put in a country for some time, to experience the place, immerse in the country more, make friends, and get involved with the community. This is perfect as it's a slower pace and allows life to happen, while experiencing the world. Since Liz works online and works freelance projects, it is easy for her to relocate when she gets inspired for a change. Liz involves herself in NGO projects, volunteer work, and does creative projects as she travels. Why solo travel? Curiosity Simply, travel for the fact of curiosity. The thirst to know more about the world and what people are doing in other parts of the globe. Search for interesting things, learn new things, and embrace newness that comes with travel. Have conversations with those you meet on your travels and ask people about their life, their country, their foods, or just sit with a tea or coffee with some locals and see what happens.

Cultural experiences Some of the best experiences while abroad have been very simple moments, but filled with profound connections. "I remember tea time becoming a part of my life when I resided in Morocco, and sharing moments with my new family members and feeling as if I am a part of community and sharing love to others through our laughs, tears, and quality time amongst tea". These moments really shape your experiences and are something different from your normal routine possibly. "Sometimes while abroad, things become like a routine or something similar to your home country, like taking out the trash, doing laundry on the weekends, or working a 9-5. Yet, its the in-between moments like going to karaoke with your Thai coworkers and eating community style while you sing your heart out to Abba. Or, maybe its cramming on a minibus to Bangkok, while sitting next to a lady with a chicken and stumbling with your words in Thai to stop the bus because its your time to get off. I will never forget the time I took a minibus to the wrong city as I was trying to return to my rural Thai village where I lived and woke up from my nap in an unknown city. I woke up as it was the last stop and these very kind Thai women tried to ask me the stop and I told them my village name, they were shocked and tried to find the correct way for me to get home. I slept that night in a random province in Isaan Thailand and missed my classes the next day, as I was very far away.

The adventure Going abroad in itself is an adventure. I find myself relocating often and have lived in three countries so far, and traveled to around fifteen countries. Some of these trips are shorter, like around a week, some are fun long bus trips, others convenient flights, and others I lived in for some time.

New friends Since, I have been nomadic around the world, backpacking, and traveling around I have now created a community abroad. I have friends all over the globe now, and continue to make friends and connections all over the place. It feels great to make friends despite borders, and expand my relationships.

If you like what you are reading, then please support me and my website, and buy me a coffee. I appreciate you being here. Thanks.

To expand your mind Due to traveling and getting out my comfort zone, I have created friends all over and this has brought up of course culture, new languages, new music, and just new perspectives of things. Something even as simple as tea can mean much different things to people around the world. World experiences Another thing is to experience the world whether that be holidays, major historical events in a new place, being exposed to different traditions, or immersion it will all be unique experiences that will teach you more about the world we all live in.

The views Sure, sometimes travel is about seeing things and experiencing the cultural sights, heritage sites, or architecture. I particularly enjoy nature, hiking, waterfalls, museums, and anything else you might wander to while wandering around.

A life of freedom Lastly, I recommend solo travel to give you freedom. The freedom to explore, learn, enjoy, for adventure, and living on your own terms. I feel thankful for the opportunity to have this lifestyle and am thankful for all the energy and intention it took for me to be at this place in my life. If you are wanting a community to meet another solo traveler's join me today. #WomenLifeFreedom #JeSuisAvec #SoloTravel

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