What Egypt is really like

Updated: Jul 27

My trip to Egypt was an adventure and filled with thrills, sites, and a busting culture. As a solo traveler going to Egypt was more of a challenge, but as a beginner in Arabic and a determined woman Egypt was an amazing trip. When I think of Egypt I think of crazy traffic, falafel, bustling cities, and huge souks.

Going to Egypt is a dream for most, which is why I had to go. I had gone on a trip to Egypt for a two week trip. The plan was to enjoy the museums, experience Egyptian food, see the Luxor ancient tombs, and the Giza pyramids. Egypt is a place where it caters to budget travelers and luxurious travelers. To my surprise Egypt was filled with bustling cities in Cairo and crowds of people and life.

Landing in Egypt was an adventure as it felt chaotic and loud. The traffic is the first thing you notice, as it runs with a flow or an "organized chaos". It brings the charm to the city, that you couldn't imagine until you are there. I quite enjoy the feeling of differences and just the thrill of the experience of a new culture. The rush, bustling cities, souks (markets), traffic, hookahs on the street, and the large street vendors filled with people yelling to get their chance at a tasty falafel. This is what I noticed when I was in the cab from the Cairo airport to my accommodation downtown. I was so thrilled looking out the window, so excited for what was to come.