Village life in Thailand

In my time from living in Thailand I ventured around quite a bit and ended up living in a village just outside of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, but also it wasn't completely off the grid either. I was living in a smaller hidden gem called Nakhon Pathom in the village of Kamphaeng Sean.

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Village life in Thailand

Nakhon Pathom is the province that is just near Bangkok and I easily could take a bus or a train around all of Thailand and also be in Bangkok within two hours depending upon how heavy the traffic is. I am a small town girl still and while Bangkok is very thrilling, I still love nature, small town quaintness and also I really enjoy a more local experience. In Nakhon Pathom I got to experience living in Thailand more as a local and away from all of the expat scene in Thailand.

I have found it is really important for me to explore a place, but in a less common way compared to other travelers. That doesn't mean I won't go to the touristic sights, however I love to explore more of the authentic just local experiences. I enjoy making local friends, going to really local food places, and doing things out of the ordinary and try to experience the place as authentically as possible. I love these types of experiences because it pushes your limits and the stories and things you will learn are endless.

My favorite local experiences

In Nakhon Pathom my favorite things to do were explore different foods, local life, nature, and temples.