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  • Elizabeth Cochran

Top places to see in Egypt

Egypt is a popular destination, and it is for a good reason. The Pyramids of Egypt is the most popular of course, as it is one of the wonders of the world. However, there is more to Egypt than just the pyramids. Stick around and grab my guide for the top things to do in Egypt. This guide is mostly exclusive to things to do in Cairo, but if there is more time on your itinerary other popular places in Egypt to go to is Alexander, Luxor, Aswan, and Siwan to name a few.

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Top things to do in Egypt

Cairo Egyptian Museum

Head to the Egyptian Museum in downtown Cairo, there is tons to do in this area besides just this museum for you to check out. If you love museums you can spend a lot of time here at this museum. There are many artifacts and mummies to see in this museum. I loved learning all about the history of Egypt, the inventions, and preserved artifacts.

Try Falafel from a local stall

The best thing you must do is to try some street-style falafel. If there is a ton of local people yelling and standing around waiting for this specific falafel, then you know you have found a good place. This was one of my favorite things finding really popular falafel places where it was mostly only locals.

Hot air balloon trip

In Cairo, you can find a tour company to take you on a hot air balloon ride around. There are multiple cities you can do this in, but I recommend this as you can get a magnificent aerial view from above. The architecture, pyramids, and Nile river are really cool to see from above.

Nile Cruise

Speaking of the Nile, you can go on a Nile Cruise to experience the water and see the country through a cruise on the Nile. The prices can vary depending on the amount of luxury you would like.

Visit Old Islamic City in Cairo

In Cairo you must visit the old part of Cairo to see the medina and old architecture. You can walk around really easily in this part to do lots of sightseeing in the medina and see the difference in architecture. Just grab a tea and enjoy the medina. If you like what you are reading, please support me and my website and buy me a coffee. I appreciate your support.

Coptic Museum in Cairo

In the old part of Cairo make sure to make a stop here at the Coptic Museum in Cairo. It has gorgeous architecture and a really famous place to take photos in the garden. This place has many artifacts and antiques, so if that is your thing definitely make a stop here.

Al-Azhark Park Cairo

The Al-Azhar Park is a must see destination in Cairo, it has many gardens, fountains, good views, and numerous cafes and restaurants, For a more relaxing sightseeing day, take a visit to this park. There is a small entrance fee, but it is definitely worth it. I spent half a day here.

Museum of Islamic Art

For my art lovers, this museum is for you. If you are anything like me you would be able to spend a few hours at this museum so you can adore all of the art.

Tahir Square

Likely you will pass this famous square will sightseeing or walking around, but it is a good place to see the liveliness of the city here as there is so much going on here.

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