Top Reasons to Live in Thailand as a Female Traveler

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Thailand is an amazing place. Good for travelers who backpack, budget, free-spirits, English teachers, party goers, and business people. But, you know what? Thailand is a really good destination for females to live in. Let me tell you why...

Thailand is very CHEAP

If you have traveled to Thailand before, you already know that it is a place you can really budget. You are able to freely travel the country without having to break the bank. This is one of the many reasons tourists love the "Land of Smiles", it is one of the reasons I like it too. Hotels from $10 a night, Hostels $3-8 USD a night, meals costing around $3 and beer costing about $3... really means you can do, see, and eat a lot. You can travel a lot too! See all of Thailand's gems, from islands, cities, attractions, nature, and much much more. For more about that read here.