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  • Elizabeth Cochran

Top Reasons to Live in Thailand as a Female Traveler

Thailand is an amazing place. Good for travelers who backpack, budget, free-spirits, English teachers, party goers, and business people. But, you know what? Thailand is a really good destination for females to live in. Let me tell you why...

Thailand is very CHEAP

If you have traveled to Thailand before, you already know that it is a place you can really budget. You are able to freely travel the country without having to break the bank. This is one of the many reasons tourists love the "Land of Smiles", it is one of the reasons I like it too. Hotels from $10 a night, Hostels $3-8 USD a night, meals costing around $3 and beer costing about $3... really means you can do, see, and eat a lot. You can travel a lot too! See all of Thailand's gems, from islands, cities, attractions, nature, and much much more. For more about that read here.

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Thailand safety

A big reason as a female I love this country is the fact that I feel safe here as a female. I genuinely feel so extremely safe. I never have to worry about being harassed, things getting stolen, catcalled, and there isn't tons of violence day to day that makes me feel like I have to be on high alert. I am well traveled, my first "solo trip" was to Morocco, it is an intense experience there in Morocco as a female, the men gazing, the catcalling, and the haggling all the time... to just name a few. In Thailand, people are very respectful and I think Thai's all have a trust with each other on some level, because you find people leaving their bags on the table when they go to the bathroom, and people leave their keys in their motorbikes so often, but they are never stolen.

I have lived here for awhile and things become the norm here. Falling asleep on a couple hour bus ride, no worries. Going to the store nearby the food stall and leaving my bike unattended, no problem. Ordering food from one stall and leaving my bags of food on their table, no problem. Having a bicycle and leaving things as I do errands throughout the day in my unlocked bike, no problem. Losing items and the general people noticing you dropped something and returning it to you. This is so extremely safe, especially with me coming from the States, where in lots of places you would have gotten mugged.. or worse.


Freedom, what I mean by this is that as a woman, there isn't rigidity of how you should act. There isn't a dress code, or a super conservative idea of how a woman should behave or what she should be doing with her life. People let you be who you are. They don't say "oh you should be married, where is your husband?, a woman shouldn't do that...". So when I mean freedom, I mean freedom of expression. A modern approach on being a woman and what that means. So in that sense, it feels very freeing that when traveling in this country, if you are doing it alone, you are free to be yourself. A strong woman traveler! Period.

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Social Life and Lifestyle

Thailand is so extremely popular for tourism, so no surprise here that the lifestyle and things to do in this country are endless. You really can get lots of different lifestyles here. If you love the huge hustle and bustle, Bangkok will be your place. It has a huge multi-cultural feel and there is always something to do. Thailand is also known for the huge night-life. If this is what you are into, there is a lot of that here from Full Moon beach parties, walking night streets, karaoke bars, music festivals, and a big night life scene in BKK. If you like exploring and nature, there is a ton of that here. From exploring islands in the South, jungles in the North, wildlife national parks, hiking, and elephant parks. As well, Thailand appeals to the budget travelers, the minimalists, or the "hippies". Whatever you want to call it. There are a lot of those free-spirited types living here. They come in different forms, from digital nomads, business owners, young travelers, yoga teachers, and lastly female travelers.

Connect with other female travelers

Thailand is growing with more and more travelers. A big amount of us are female travelers. There are tons of us. We love to support one another. We got this. As a fellow solo female traveler I speak my truth. Thailand is safe, its fun, I feel free here, its like a home to me, and there is a big amount of other female travelers doing it here and just living their best lives. So what is stopping you? If you are keen to move abroad as a female, why not Thailand?

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