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  • Elizabeth Cochran

Top Places to see in Morocco

In Morocco there is so much to explore. There are some top places in Morocco that you must see when traveling to Morocco. In Morocco, I found that there was an abundance of culture, adventures, nature, and vibrant cities to see. A country filled with numerous types of landscapes, art galore, and an abundance of food and tea to be had. Morocco is filled with adventure and is perfect for adventure seekers and art lovers.

When in Morocco I was studying there for half a year. I went on many trips around the country with locals and in my program. These places are recommended as both a tourist and in a local lens. In all of the cities listed, it is highly recommended to check out the medina in every city. The medina has all of the life, the huge markets, the night life, the hustle and bustle. The sights inside of the medina are endless from handmade artifacts, magnificent streets of carpets and lamps, and gorgeous terrace restaurants to eat, sip tea, and enjoy the breathtaking sunsets.

Old City Fes

In Fes, this is known as the best preserved old city in Morocco. For history lovers, architecture lovers, and artisans.. this is the city you cannot miss. The history here is endless. If you love going to museums and wandering streets filled with ancient artifacts then come to Fes. Fes is also home to the "Chouarra Tannery" in the souks of the medina. Some historical sights you should not miss out on is : Bab Bou Jeloud, Souks in the medina, Al-Attarine Madrasa, Dar el Makhzen or The Royal Palace, Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts Crafts, Jnan sbil Oasis, Mella Jewish Quarter, and Merenid Tombs.

tannery, fes, oldcity
Fes tanneries


Marrakesh is known as the red city. It is so gorgeous and vibrant. Wandering around in the souks is a must, part of the fun is to loose your way in the medinas. Always look up for the mosques to guide you... for more about traveling tips in Morocco check it out here.

Also in Marrakesh, there is the famous Toubkal mountain you can climb. Check the time of the year, as it seriously can be cold way up in the mountains. My friends who were more experienced in hikes climbed Toubkal. You can check out my friend's vlog here.

Ouzoud Falls

Ouzoud Falls is a journey in itself, it will be very mountainous, and while it is a touristy destination the view is more than worth it. I haven't seen a waterfall so gorgeous in my whole life. It's massive and the hike to see Ouzoud Falls is outstanding. There are some more private areas to take a dip as well in the serene water. I was there in January, and was not wanting to dip in the cold water, but depending on the time of the year I say go for it.

monkey, waterfall, ouzoudfalls
Candid shot of a monkey at Ouzoud Falls

Chefchaoen "Blue City" I highly suggest when in Morocco you head to the beautiful blue city called Chefchaoen, or chaoen. This city is just outstanding, the old medina, shops, and doors are so picturesque. There is plenty to see here. The local vibes are amazing, of course great food, and on every corner is something new to discover. When in Chaoen, spend some time to enjoy the views. Sip some tea on a terrace and be inspired by the art all around. The city itself is a piece of art.

mountain, city, bluecity, morocco, village, buildings
The city from above- Chefchaoen

plants, walls, medina, morocco, chefchaoen, bluewall, bluecity
Lost in the medina of Chefchaoen

Meknes- Islamic school "Bou Inanina" I lived in this city, so maybe I am a bit biased, however most people when in Morocco, they skim over the city of Meknes. If you stop in Fes, then take a two trip over to Meknes. See the medrassa of "Bou Inanina" and wander around the old city, see Bab Mansour gate, and catch sunsets. For a day trip you can go to Voulibilis, an ancient Berber-Roman ruins.

Casablanca Hassan II Mosque When you land in Morocco, it is likely that you will land in Casablanca. The biggest must see in Casablanca would be the Hassan II Mosque, non- Muslims can enter. This mosque is breathtaking. The architecture. Everything. It leaves you speechless. Casablanca is a huge metropolis, modern, and emerging, so there is much to do and see in Casablanca in terms of city life.

mosque, hassanIImosque, casablanca
Great Hassan II mosque

Tangier A beautiful coastal, yet mountainous city is Tangier. In Tangier, the vibe is a bit more European, specifically Spaniard, due to its geographical location. The food is inspired by Spanish cuisine here as well. You can find delicious and amazing quality seafood paella and tapas in Tangier. If you speak Spanish, you will be able to get away with speaking Spanish here rather than French or Arabic, which was a lovely mix. In Tangier, go see the medina, the kasbah, and enjoy the coast. The beach is so extremely beautiful. The beaches are huge, clean, and the water is so extremely blue. Just over the coast from Tangier you can see on the beach on the other side, Spain! It is really that close to Spain when you are up by Tangier. It is easy to take a ferry from Tangier to Spain and vice versa.

tangier, beach, morocco
Tangier- across the water is Spain!

Sahara Desert - Merzouga

If you want a once in a lifetime experience in Morocco, then I suggest you camp under the stars in the great Sahara Dessert. There are glamping options and actual tent excursions to do. I went on a tour with people from my study abroad program and we stayed in tents. The tour accepted many tourists and it includes a tent with bedding, basic toilet, food, and camel trekking. You can choose how long to stay in the desert, but truthfully no more than around 3 days. My group brought some guitars, ukuleles, and extra fire wood for entertainment in the evenings. Singing in the dessert under the stars was the best thing. I made friends with local Amazigh passing through the campsite too. Our friends all invited them for tea and singing. The experience in the Sahara was unforgettable. For more about the Sahara desert read here.

desert, camel, cameltrekking, sand
On our quest for the sunset- camel trekking in Merzouga

Rabat Old city medina and surfing on the coast Rabat, the capital of Morocco is a beautiful coastal city, bustling with things to do, and people from all over the world. Many long term expats live here, so if you have more time it is easy to do meetups with the crowd that resides in Rabat. The special thing about Rabat is the waves are perfect for surfing here. It is highly suggested, even if you are a beginner. My friends and I stayed at an amazing surf hostel located in the medina. The walk with our surfboards to the ocean seemed long, but the vibes of the hostel, and getting to surf as well were unforgettable.

surf, medina, oldcity, morocco, surfsuit, walking
Walk in the medina to the ocean

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