Solo Female Travel to Morocco

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Morocco is a vibrant culture filled with exquisite scenery for nature lovers, artisans, and adventure seekers. I lived abroad in Morocco for half a year and I am going to tell you about my experience as a female living in Morocco. As a female can it really be done? I am here to tell you all about how to travel to Morocco as a solo female traveler and what to expect and prepare for.

Captured in 2019 in Voulibilis near Fes and Meknes

My first trip abroad by myself was to Morocco in a study abroad exchange program. I have always had the dream to travel and took the opportunity and went to Morocco. I wanted to challenge myself in many ways. I challenged myself with drastic cultural differences, language differences, religious differences, and even gender norm differences. However, I wanted to push myself and learn about a country which can be really negatively perceived in Western media.

First things first, is Morocco safe for women?

100% yes it is. All that you may know or have heard in the Western media, take it with a grain of salt... because Morocco is not unsafe. Are there differences in gender roles and expectations or culture? Yes, however women have come a long way and Morocco is becoming more and more modern in their architecture, beliefs, fashion, and ideals. Women are not forced to dress in full "niqabs" or always be escorted by men. They are a diaspora of women who are changing the ideas and society to become more progressive.