Monkey Temples and confusion

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

A couple years back now, this was when I was new to Thailand and wanted to experience some Thai festivals. I went to the famous monkey town called Lopburi to enjoy the Monkey Festival. I had quite an adventure while there, but the story doesn't end there.

As a traveler a big part of the fun is exploring and experiencing festivals abroad. I had met up with some of my mutual friends who were also teachers in Thailand, and some even lived in this town of Lopburi. In Lopburi every year they have this festival called the monkey festival where basically you feed the monkeys on these huge tables and let them go wild. Seems super cool and interesting to experience, and it is, but also it was a tad bit scary. Monkeys are no joke, they are aggressive, steal your stuff, they smell, and they use your hair like vines in the jungle. It can be funny, but I couldn't imagine living in this town with this many monkeys all the time.

Check out my friends vlog of our trip. You can really see the chaos of the monkeys. Such a fun trip though. Lopburi, 2019

While I was in Lopburi I had caught up with my friends, met new expats, went to the monkey temple, some bars, went to an art gallery, and saw some beautiful nature. Lopburi is honestly a pretty small area in Thailand, a lot less urban, but there is still plenty to do.

While visiting Lopburi I would recommend you stay at my friends guest house/ bar Nooms, it is such a fun place to stay and you will meet tons of Thai's and expats here. They have great food, entertainment, game nights, and a good happy hour for drinks.