Missed Flights & Mishaps while Abroad

While traveling this is all too common, but its often not talked about! Lets talk about mishaps while traveling, problem solving, and thinking on your feet while traveling. I am a solo traveler, remote worker, and have lived abroad in two countries as well as traveled to around seven countries. Recently, I have arrived to a new country and it is a personal one for me as it is Vietnam. Will discuss more about this in another post, but this one is all about the mishaps of travel and the mishaps that have happened since I have been in Vietnam solo traveling.

Vietnam is not a super touristy country, compared to Thailand. Luckily I am an experienced traveler, however I feel living in Thailand for about three years spoiled me a bit. I have forgotten some things that are super easy in Thailand, but everywhere in the world you must be a bit more prepared ;). I arrived first to Vietnam in the huge city of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh). The international airport was super empty, no shocker here as Vietnam has been closed for two whole years. That meant that an abundance of food shops, restaurants, SIM card sellers, tour companies, and all of those things that a huge touristic destination would have they did not have. I found a place to exchange my Thai baht for Viet Dong. I couldn't find a SIM card seller... I did thorough research on what company and for Vietnam Viettel is the winner. I found a seller finally, but it was a dodgy SIM card as she didn't ask for any information at all and inserted it within seconds. This really was not a big loss as I paid only 100,000 dong which is about $4.30 and it included 10 GB of data. I knew what I was buying wasn't worth it, but I needed data right then since I didn't remember exactly where I was staying;) Later, I checked if the SIM was registered and I was sold an old SIM. The data worked, but once the data has ran out topping it up does no use. Buying a new SIM with Viettel is my next priority, whenever I can find a place.