Isaan Thailand Travel #solofemaletravel

Recently, I took a trip near the Laos border to travel to the Isaan region of Thailand; I went specifically to Chiang Khan, Loei in Thailand. Loei is a trip for the travelers, I mean the real adventure seekers. Speaking Thai in Loei is pretty much essential here, its a local vibe filled with Esan food and mountains. Come join me for a trip to the mountains on the border of Thailand and Laos. Lets get exploring!

Chiang Khan Loei Trip Recently for my holiday trip in 2021 I visited a border town to Laos as I wanted to experience a new part of Thailand as borders are still shut in South East Asia, except for Cambodia (Cambodia is open). I visited the province of Loei and went to the border town called Chiang Khan and also visited the main part of Loei.

Disclaimer: most people think that Isaan is an area, or like a city to visit, however Isaan is referred to the entire North East part of Thailand. Most of the area here is filled with lush nature, more rural, and a local vibe as it is not targeted for tourism. This is a trip for the travelers, who enjoy culture shock, will attempt some Thai, and get out of their "western" bubble ;)

While I was in Loei on the Mekong River, I was inspired and hit with many realizations; the Mekong is vast; it is large and dirty and is such a significant river in this part of the world. Borders are completely made up, as I was looking across the river to Laos and saw that this land and that land are all apart of each other. That the river has no borders and it just flows. The Mekong was essential for trade during the American Warin Vietnam. The Mekong flows from Tibet all the way to Vietnam, it is vast. No one in Thailand is swimming over to Laos, because the grass isn't greener (metaphorically, because realistically the grass is lush and gorgeous over there), but instead the contrast of Laos and Thailand is stark. It is a contrast o