Isaan in Thailand #ExploreNew

Isaan Thailand is a less explored region in Thailand by foreigners, but I am here to tell you why you should visit the Isaan region and how to do it. Lets go see Isaan the North East part of Thailand and explore new places and cuisines.

Isaan is less traveled to as it is more agriculture, more nature, and less touristy. There is some touristy gems that you should not miss out on for your trips to Isaan, but it is worth mentioning that Isaan will be a challenge for English speaking travelers. This is what "scares" people away, but as a Vietnamese American and a solo traveler to Isaan, I had an enjoyable and even enriching time while there. Isaan is where all Thai's roots are. Most local Thai's living in the metropolis or other cities around Thailand most likely are from Isaan region. To experience the roots of Thailand is equally fascinating and enriching. In Isaan, I want to inform you it is referring to the entire North East region of Thailand. It is not easy to see it in a few days as Isaan is an entire huge region. For more trip, I was overly ambitious thinking I would be able to hit up multiple provinces. For an entire week I spent the entire time in Loei province.

I planned for my trip to visit Loei, Buriram, Khon Kaen, and Udon Ratchtani... yet the first day when I arrived in Loei I knew this was impossible. I had a week only to explore the region at the time. I visited the Loei district in the main town, some national parks, and a picturesque town on the Mekong called Chiang Khan. While I was in Loei, I muddled through a new dialect in Thai. For all of you travelers you might be thinking all Thai is the same? My answer is same same, but different. I was expecting that the dialect to be slight pronunciation differences, only to find out that it seemed at times they were speaking another language. Don&