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How to use public transport in Istanbul, Turkey

In Istanbul, I wished I had this small little guide on transport and how to use it so I didn't stick out as a traveler. Istanbul has very effective and good public transport, so it would be a shame if you travel or decide to live in Istanbul, but don't know how to use it. The transport in Istanbul is very good, I would not recommend you to use taxis. The best method is to do as the locals do. So lets get to exploring beautiful Istanbul.

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How to use public transport in Istanbul

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How to buy tram tickets Using the tram is very effective and rather affordable, allowing you to see a lot of Istanbul with ease. To buy tram tickets there will be little kiosks for the tickets to buy. The tickets are either 1 pass or 3 pass. How to buy metro tickets For the metro this is another way to transport around effectively around the city. This is best for longer routes and is simple to use. The best way to ensure your route and make sure you are not lost is to download the moovit application. This app will show you the different transportation methods, routes, and maps for transporting around.

How to buy bus tickets For bus tickets they are very affordable, but finding the bus stops can be a bit trickier. Using the buses are easy though. To get a bus ticket you will need to go to a small shop with snacks and such to buy what is called an Istanbul Kart card. Turkish people are very friendly, so ask anyone where you can buy one and they will guide the way.

How to buy ferry tickets

For the ferry you can go back and forth between the Asian side and European side of Istanbul. They make it easy for you to buy it. The same tickets you buy for the tram or metro will work for a ferry ride over. If you buy the Istanbul Kart card then all of these methods of transport will work with that card. The only thing you must do is top-up the card with money. Then, you will be on your way to fun exploring in Istanbul. If you are heading to Istanbul check out my guide here on what to do in Istanbul and more about solo female travel.

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