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  • Elizabeth Cochran

How to travel on a budget: South East Asia

In Asia, it is ideal to travel here as a backpacker, first time traveler, and convenient for budget travelers. As a budget traveler, foodie, backpacker, and adventure seeker Asia is the perfect lifestyle for this. In Asia, there are many budgets you can follow and travel to Asia and specifically, South East Asia draws in all the budget travelers.

Where should I travel in Asia? In Asia, there are many countries to see and there are different lifestyles varying from modern to traditional. There are huge metropolis, and rural rice paddy fields. Asia is an exciting destination to backpack around. In the South East Asian region some popular destinations for budget travelers include: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Laos, Philippines, and Indonesia. Popular countries in East Asia include: Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and China. Popular destinations in South Asia include: India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Popular destinations in Central Asia include: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Pick your route and travel is on the way! These tips and tricks will be all for budget travel for South East Asia.

A common South East Asia backpacker route is: Thailand Laos Cambodia Vietnam Indonesia If you have the time do this route, but I encourage you to see all that you can. The food in South East Asia the people, cultures, and sightseeing will leave you entertained for months. Happy Travels!

As you can imagine the climates, foods, and scenery, and tourism in these countries also means that all of these countries vary in budgets. The most budget region to visit in Asia, will be South East Asia. Next on the budget will be South Asia and lastly, Central and East Asia, can have similar budgets.

For first time travelers wanting free spirit travel, other travelers who are similar in age in the country, things to do, and the most easy to transition to in terms of first time traveling will be South East Asia. For taking a backpacking trip around South East Asia, the most ideal thing will be to pack light and bring only a backpack if possible. Keep it minimal for South East Asia, as the modes of transport are different (motorbike, rickshaw, tuk-tuk), and definitely a lot of shopping you can do.

Budget Travel in South East Asia

In South East Asia, you really can see the entire region if you have a few months to explore. Before the pandemic taking buses or budget flights from one country to another was the norm. I was doing it when I wasn't teaching and would just bring a weekend bag or even a small backpack. For a general breakdown of a budget in South East Asia you can generally only spend about $30 a day for every country in South East Asia. This includes the price for food, accommodation, some sightseeing, and exploring. If you are doing more touristy things that all cost, and are relocating often then this budget will go up a little. Also keep in mind, that some days you might not spend this much at all. Budget travel in South East Asia averages around $15 USD a day (single person). If you like what you are reading, please support me and my website and buy me a coffee. I appreciate you being here.

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Tips for staying on budget The biggest cost in South East Asia will be transport and accommodation. If you are willing to and have experience, consider renting a motorbike. Please keep safety in mind, but if you can drive then you will be able to avoid taxi scams which is common in South East Asia. Also a popular application for getting affordable transport is Grab, this is used for taxis and motorbike taxis. For booking flights, ferries, buses, I check 12GoASia to get an idea. I book through there often to get an idea of budget and it is simple and convenient to use.

The second biggest price will be accommodation, in South East Asia it is easy to stay in hostels which I recommend. By staying in hostels, you will be able to meet other similar travelers and make some friends along the way.

If you don't want to stay in hostels, there are budget options and very clean hotels or homestays which will be in your budget as well. For long term budget travel, there are other options such as English tutoring, English teaching, housesitting, and workaways.

If you are a first time traveler check out how to go abroad and get your free guides. It includes a checklist on how to move abroad and what to pack when backpacking. Grab yours now! For moving abroad or travelling on a budget South East Asia has it all! Check out my other articles about cost of living in Thailand, teaching in Thailand, or more specific ways to budget.

For those traveling and are thinking how can I do this, how can I travel on a budget, or even move abroad maybe? If this interests you then join the community where I share travel tips, travel ideas, how to get a job abroad, travel opportunities, live chats, and more.

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