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  • Elizabeth Cochran

Exploring locally

Do you ever wander around the town, city, or the place you are visiting to really see the place? Exploring what is around you in a local way as a #staycation in these times is a "new" way to explore what is around you.

What is a staycation?

Since most of us are unable to travel or explore new places in our own countries it is becoming more popularized to have a staycation. A staycation is to just have a lovely vacation in your local area, or in your home country.

Exploring locally #staycation

Explore local

Exploring locally is something we can all start doing until travel is more open again. When was the last time you explored what was around you? You can visit places you wouldn't normally go to maybe in your area. Wander and explore your area like a true local. Do all of the local things and just enjoy what you have around you to explore. If you like what you are reading, then please support me and my website and buy me a coffee. I appreciate you being here. Thanks.

This can look like different things for different people. I am back in my hometown located in rural Illinois of America and there is less to do here, however there are many "local things" I can still explore. This can look like going to all the local restaurants, exploring nature, going on road trips, or exploring the history in your area.

Explore local - Chiang Mai Thailand local temple

When I was living abroad and in Morocco and in Thailand I loved to explore more as a "local" rather than as a tourist. Tourist places are popular for a reason normally, however doing local things like local people can be extremely enjoyable too. In Thailand, when I first arrived I do almost no tourist things at all. It was a whole month until I had gone to any tourist sites at all. I was coming to move to Thailand so my main priority at first, was to get used to the culture.

Because of this I was able to enjoy the culture more, adapt, learn, and experience the culture more in Thailand. When I arrived, I went out of the way to make sure I was eating mainly local food, food stalls, living in a non-touristy area, and doing as the locals do. This is another way that you can explore a new area or a new country. You can do things that the locals do and experience the town, country, or city as how the locals do.

How can I explore my own country?

If you are in your home country like I am right now, then there is still so much more to explore. You can still experience newness and have fun adventures even if you are not able to explore new countries. Maybe you can find a new hobby in your area or explore nature more. If you are in the city, I am a bit jealous because in the city the options are endless in terms of adventures, new foods, and events. Regardless though there are still things you can find to do whether it is finding a new local restaurant, a road trip, exploring nature, or a new hobby.

What are you keen to explore in your area?

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