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  • Elizabeth Cochran

All about Thai massages

One of my favorite things that I have adapted to well in Thailand is the Thai massage. Because I am an American, this is seen as a luxury item to me, however in Thailand massages are way more affordable and even super accessible. Part of my self care routine is to get a Thai massage at least once a month. The great thing about Thailand is they are known for being experts in massages, specifically a Thai massage. This is a mixture of pressure, Ayurveda knowledge (life and natural knowledge rooting back to India), and yoga-like postures. Traditionally no oils are used in a Thai massage and the massage will take place on a padded mat. I have gotten a mixture of different types of massages whilst being here and there is a bit of variety when it comes to the types of massages. The Thai masseuses are very professional and acquired with different specialties such as traditional Thai massage, oil massage, foot massage, full body massage, Ayurveda massage, Japanese Sen massage, prenatal massage, Swedish massage, couples massage, and many more. My most recent massage I got I ordered through a company called Rlax in Chiang Mai whilst on my holiday getaway The great thing about this service is I got to order the massage to wherever I was. Shocking right? My friend and I treated ourselves to a luxurious 1 hour Thai oil massage on our rooftop condo among the mountains of Chiang Mai. Talk about convenience and relaxation!

Massage with a mountain view from Rlax mobile massage

What to expect in a massage session

A massage session will typically be up to your preferences on what kind of massage you would prefer, but then there is little conversation, and just relaxing left for you to do. My massage with Rlax Home Massage Service was extremely relaxing and convenient. I just used the app to book my session for a 1 hour full body massage with oil. I choose a Thai full body massage and ordered the massage to the vacation condo I was staying at. I ordered the previous night before the massage booking and it was as simple as that. There was nothing I needed to prepare for the massage. I just filled out the information form for the masseuses on the directions and it took me less than five minutes to book my massage.

Rlax Massage on Demand

Once it was time for the massage I met the masseuses and they introduced themselves and I showed them the way to where the massage would take place. They had uniforms and their bags to set up the massage. It took them about five to ten minutes to set up the mats, candles, prepare the oils, and set the atmosphere. We didn't request any tranquil music as we had the sound of the birds and it already was rather relaxing. We had filled out a form for the masseuses to give them basic information about our health and what the main focus of the massage was for the session.

They started the session by looking at the form and asking how you would like the pressure for the session. We then started the 1 hour full body Thai oil massage and it was absolutely amazing. They listened to your request on the form on points you needed to focus on more. I requested for more focus on my shoulders and back as I have bad posture and hold all the stress in my shoulders. The massage therapist focused a lot on that. I felt the knots disappear and the tension in my shoulders start to disappear. The masseuses were professionally trained and did a great service. A couple times in the session the confirmed if you were comfortable and needed to change the pressure or not. The whole atmosphere was very relaxing with the smell of the candles, the oils, and the amazing massage service.

My friend and I were so revitalized after our 1 hour massage, it was the perfect thing for our holiday in Chiang Mai. It was extremely convenient to order the massage right to you. If you work an office job, are super busy, or just can't bother to go out and are in need of a massage this kind of place is just right for you! The company currently has locations in Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya, and are launching very soon in Bangkok. The massage therapists are highly qualified and skilled. After the massage my friend and I felt so relaxed, happy, and revitalized. If you are in Thailand and are looking for convenience and luxury all in one then Rlax mobile massage is perfect for you. I recommend them as their service is quality massage on demand. Feel free to relax and order a massage with them today you are welcome to use my code YQ34E to get a discount of 30% off a massage! Enjoy and relax my fellow wanderers and treat yourself to more relaxation in your routine.

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