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  • Elizabeth Cochran

A Local Recommendation- Travel Ideas in Vietnam

Where can you travel in Vietnam? What is popular to do in Vietnam as a tourist or as a traveler? If you are curious what to do, look no further. I asked my local Vietnamese students about their travel recommendations and decided to share this with my wanderers. We had done this writing exercise in our English class and I loved the results, so I decided it would be great to share their great writing skills to my travel community. Where to Travel in Vietnam

1. Phu Quoc

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Image Credit: PinImg

In Vietnam it has lots of islands, but the most popular islands for traveling in Vietnam is "Phu Quoc Island". Phu Quoc Island locates in the south west of Vietnam. In Phu Quoc, it has lots of activities to do. We usually go swimming on the beach, the beaches are very clean, and amazing.

We of course, can eat seafood and try some local foods in Phu Quoc. We can play some beach sports such as: volleyball, football, and so on. Next, you should go to Vin Pearl Land. We can go to a safari too, where we can go on the boat and see some wild animals. In Phu Quoc, it has lots of delicious foods to try such as: different seafoods, shrimps, crabs, and more. Finally, Phu Quoc is an attraction for tourists. If you travel to Vietnam, you really shouldn't miss this island. You won't be disappointed. - A Tourist Destination for Island Lovers Written by: Thomas and John

2. Hue, Imperial City

Hue is in the central part of Vietnam. The road to Hue is about 300 kilometers from Da Nang. It takes two hours to Hue, from Da Nang. Hue has a beautiful, peaceful, and a refreshing atmosphere. In this beautiful place, you can visit Thien Mu Pagoda and Huong River.

While in Hue, you can go sightseeing, take photos of the architecture, and maybe buy some souvenirs. In Hue, you could eat local dishes such as: Bun Bo Hue, Bot Loc cake, Nam cake, Quang Noodle and of course drink refreshing drinks.

Personally, I really like walking around the Thien Mu Pagoda, eat the Bot Loc Hue, and go sightseeing in the Imperial city. For us, Hue is a beautiful, spiritual, and peaceful place. Especially in the springtime. We hope you enjoy your visit in Hue.

Written by: Will & Anna

3. Ho Chi Minh City (Sai Gon)

Ho Chi Minh is a city in the South of Vietnam. It is a city that has the most people moving there. It has the nickname "a city doesn't sleep". It has the highest tower in South East Asia too. This is a very modern city, where it has a lot of places to entertain and it is associated with many people's childhood too.

When in HCMC, you must go to "Dam Sen" waterpark and the "Suoi Tien" amusement park. Everyone goes to it and they say "wow" and it is very interesting and you will feel happy. In HCMC, the food is very diverse, but it doesn't have special foods like maybe Hue.

In Ho Chi Minh it has the most popular market "Ho Thi Ky" market where it has diverse foods from many different places. You shouldn't miss out on the diverse foods when in HCMC. - Modern City and Foodies in HCMC

Written by: Sam and Mary

Consider supporting this blog and buy me a coffee. Many thanks xx When in Vietnam right? Do as the locals say.... Thank you to my local students for inspiring me and sharing your ideas about Vietnam. I hope you all enjoyed the local travel advice from my students. It is interesting to hear their ideas for traveling in Vietnam, what they like, what to do, and more local recommendations. When I went to HCMC, I never heard of the "Ho Thi Ki" market, so the next time I find myself in HCMC, I will check out this place for the foods. As well, I am glad Hue came up as a place they like to travel too. A lot of tourists when in Vietnam just visit the North (Hanoi) and South (HCMC) and skip the central part of the country. For me, Hue has been my favorite destination so far.. but let's see. I have yet to explore more areas of Vietnam.

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Son Tra, Da Nang

Hue is very appealing to me because of the Imperial City, the ancient architecture, the many spiritual temples, a conscious community, the traditional food, traditional practices, and rich culture. I loved my visit to Hue and I recommend anyone visiting in Vietnam to experience the Ancient City of Hue. I feel it can give you insight on traditional Vietnam, see a slower pace, the old architecture, traditional foods and practices. As well, you will experience a nice town with nature surrounding it. Those are the recommendations for travel when in Vietnam.

What is your favorite destination for travel in Vietnam?

  • Phu Quoc

  • Hue- Imperial City

  • HCMC (Sai Gon)

  • Ha Noi

Thank you for reading this article and I thank my students too for being ambitious in their English learning, writing, and diligence to their language learning. Many successes to them and have a safe trip when in Vietnam my wanderer's.

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