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Meet the founder

 Liz Cochran is an author of How to backpack in 2022, a budget traveler expert, and a solo traveler.

Passionate about traveling for lifelong learning through backpacking, connecting with locals, and solo travel she knows a thing or two about adventure travel.

"As a solo female traveler who started travel on her 20's, "I travel for learning, enriching, and connecting with the world. It is a part of my journey to discover the world through the cuisines, languages, and vast cultures. Traveling has allowed me to connect with others, expand my worldview, and see the world through a traveler lens rather than solely through a tourist lens. Solo traveling is enriching and left me with many stories to tell to the world."



Her writings have appeared in XOTV, Arreh, Away Abroad, Wandering with Liz, and BBC. Get Everything you need to know to backpack in 2022 here. 



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