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Meet Liz


Her writings have appeared in XOTV, Arreh, Away Abroad, The Fire, and BBC. A self published writer of How to Backpack Guide and several ebooks. 


Liz started her journey as a traveler in Morocco. This started as an internship studying abroad in Meknes, Morocco. After learning Moroccan Arabic, and dabbling in French she embarked on her journey to teach English abroad in Thailand. Before the pandemic she traveled solo to several countries and had her home base in Thailand. After a few years in Thailand, this travel blogger moved her ideas and writing to Vietnam. This nomadic author inspires others in various written and spoken forms including: poetry, storytelling, the Wanderer's Abroad Podcast, self published e-books, and through her Youtube channel. 


Wandering with Liz started as a travel blog, but has expanded into much more. Wandering with Liz is connecting wanderer's around the globe through her storytelling. 

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Write for us, we share stories about solo travel, nomad life, and going abroad. Interested in the podcast? Send your idea and possibly be featured on the show. 

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